Women Empowerment

In India, empowering women can capitalize a whole family. Based on the data from the ground women are the most neglected and unprotected person who are denied the basic right of their life like health, education, employment etc. We facilitate the building of an enabling environment for conducting economic activities to earn a sustainable income to live a dignified life. Workshops and field visits that lead to knowledge and awareness about fundamental rights, duties, work rights and responsibilities of women along with understanding how to practice these learning at a personal and professional front.

Self Employment Facilities (Disabled People)

Loan will be provided for self employment of disabled persons in service sector or for trading activity. The Small Business, project or activity for which financial assistance has been sought, will have to be operated by the disabled person himself and employing at least 15 % disabled persons in his venture. Maximum loan available under this scheme is Rs.2.50 lakh. Often self - employment becomes the only employment option for people with disabilities. Being self - employed provides income, feelings of independence. Disabled self - employed people who work full-time earn 23 per cent less than non - disabled self - employed people, and a staggering.

Adult Literacy

We undertook a comparative review in rural Areas. Thus, we hope to contribute to improved understanding of adult literacy learning opportunities so as to boost the sound implementation of programs and policies that are responsive to local people's struggles for survival, sustained livelihoods and better community life. To attract more adult learners, outstanding literacy classes should be recognized, especially during annual celebrations to mark International Literacy Day and incentives offered in order to encourage other adult learners. A package of various Nutrition services is being provided.It is a beneficiary focused Nutrition program.

Rural Development Programme

The term rural is relating to, or characteristic of the countryside rather than the town. We are providing employment to rural unemployed. ; Agriculture and Rural Debt Relief. Rural Development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural areas, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. Here, we are giving the list of Rural Development Programs in India that gives extracted revision capsule for the aspirants of different examinations and also for the general readers. The rural developmental programs intend to reduce the poverty and unemployment, to improve the health and educational status.

Small Farmers

Small and mid-sized farmers and ranchers working in rural areas with high persistent poverty often need extra support. USDA's Strike Force for Rural Growth and Opportunity provides support to grow economies, increase investments and create opportunities in persistent-poverty areas. Small and mid-sized farmers and ranchers in the twenty states where USDA Strike Force teams are in place can utilize these resources and aimed at the target group of small and marginal farmers and agricultural labourers. Lima was originally founded in response to the needs of South Africa's disadvantaged farmers. In South Africa, smallholder farmers in rural areas are isolated.